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KeAirra Haynes, LMSW


Licensed Master Social Worker

Clinical Therapist 

Clients Served: Ages (6-60)

Specialties: LGBTQ+ population, Clients of Color, Relationship Conflict, Identity Issues, Grief & Loss

Hi, I’m KeAirra, a Licensed Master Social Worker serving clients in Texas. At an early age, I could tell there was a gap in the treatment options available for clients of color. I decided to help bridge that gap and be the relatable, personable, and authentic support system for my community. In service of this goal, I obtained my Master of Social Work degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and have seen a variety of clients ever since.


My favorite part about treating clients is being able to build rapport and see them progress and thrive throughout our time working together. It never ceases to amaze me as I watch a client make a breakthrough, gain some personal insight, or report back to session with a new win. I love to watch my clients win after we’ve trudged through the hard stuff together!


As my client, you can expect to have your strengths highlighted in order to help you make a plan for success. You have the answers and capabilities to overcome anything- My job is just to help you realize that and keep you consistent along the way. We’ll break down negative thoughts and make connections to your inner world as it reflects outward.


My therapeutic modalities include Strengths-Based Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I enjoy building trust, comfort, and emotional safety with my clients. I have a special passion for queer clients, clients of color, couples and families, those experiencing relationship or identity struggles, and those recovering from grief and loss.


In my free time, I enjoy Sudoku puzzles, reading, and staying active in the gym.


Ready to start your journey with KeAirra? Click here for scheduling.

We look forward to meeting you!

"Stumbling is not falling"

-Malcolm X





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